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peel 2 / peel 2 CAD

peel 2 is the next-generation of peel 3d scanners that features the same easy, breezy use—all while packing a 1-2 punch of enhanced performance.

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The evolution of the peel 1, peel 2 is capable of a lot more and perfect for mechanical components. Improved tracking, better geometry capabilities and enhanced means to capture colors. This portable 3D scanner has it all!

Interested in Reverse Engineering? Have a look at peel 2 CAD, the perfect solution to take your scan to your favorite CAD software.

Everything you can do with a peel 1 you can do with a peel 2, only better! It is ideal for medium to larger parts. Comes with peel software.

Design & Styling

Bring anything your hands can make into the digital world.

Reverse Engineering

Save precious time by starting your design with existing setups or components.


Digitally immortalize your creations and take them to the virtual realm.

Heritage Preservation

Preserve your cultural heritage for generations to come.

Human Body Scanning

Capture the complex organic shapes of human anatomy.

Get Creative

Your imagination will know no bounds!

Which peel 2 3D Scanner Is Right For You?

peel 2

peel 2 / peel 2 CAD

peel 2 is the next-generation of peel 3d scanners that features the same easy, breezy use—all while packing a 1-2 punch of enhanced performance.

Thanks to this new 3D scanner, you can tackle more complex projects and take advantage of higher measurement resolution, color capture, enhanced tracking and better geometry capabilities.

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peel 2 CAD

peel 2 / peel 2 CAD

peel 2 CAD is an easy-to-use and fully integrated solution that enables you to extract all the information you need from your 3D scans and send them right to your preferred CAD software. You can directly scan objects of many sizes and surfaces—without any prep work—as the scanner recognizes shapes automatically. peel 2 CAD also comes with a calibration certificate so that you gain peace of mind knowing you are not sacrificing on performance.

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Full Specifications
Part size range (recommended)

 0.3 – 3.0 m (1 – 10 ft) 0.05 – 0.5 m (2 – 20 ft)


Up to 0.100 mm (0.004 in) Up to 0.100 mm (0.004 in)

Mesh resolution

0.250 mm (0.010 in) 0.100 mm (0.004 in)

Measurement rate

 550,000 measurements/s

Volumetric Accuracy (based on part size)

0.300 mm/m (0.0036 in/ft) * 

Scanning area

380 x 380 mm (15.0 x 15.0 in) 143 x 108 mm (5.6 x 4.3 in)

Stand-off distance

400 mm (15.75 in) 380 mm (15 in)

Depth of field

250 mm (10 in) 100 mm (4 in)

Light source

 White light (LED)

Texture resolution

50 to 150 DPI 50 to 250 DPI

Positioning methods

Geometry and/or targets and/or texture


 150 x 171 x 251 mm (5.9 x 6.7 x 9.9 in) 154 x 178 x 235 mm (6 x 7 x 9.2 in)



Connection standard

1 x USB 2.0

Output formats

 .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr

Operation temperature range

5–40°C (41–104°F)

Operating humidity range(non-condensing)



EC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive), IP50, WEEE

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3D Scanning Services

Whether you are just exploring the technology or need access for an upcoming project, our experienced team can provide you with the information you need for parts as small as a screw to as large as an airplane. Ideal for reverse engineering and part inspection, 3D scanning lets you:

  • Create accurate CAD models from existing parts by digitizing.
  • Minimize costs & time when validating prototypes by comparing to CAD.
  • Ensure quality production and eliminate downtime by tracking wear and tear of tooling.
  • Perform faster and more accurate First Article Inspection (FAI) directly on the shop-floor.

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