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The Creaform portable 3D Scanning technologies are the dream of any manufacturer in need of an accurate and reliable measurement device designed to operate in “real-life” shop floor conditions. Based on the TRUaccuracy technology, Creaform’s measuring devices always generate reliable and highly accurate measurements. Thanks to dynamic referencing, the environment surrounding the part to be measured is of no concern: vibrations, high/fluctuating temperatures, dust or any other extreme condition won’t have any impact at all on the accuracy and speed of our measuring devices.

Plus, we can help you enhance your manufacturing process and lower your production costs by providing you down-to-earth and efficient advice and services.  Creaform 3D Scanning technologies can be utilized at almost every step of your manufacturing process, including:

  • Inspection and quality control
  • Machine and tooling design
  • Machine and tooling adjustments

3D Scanning Software

Scan-to-CAD, Dimensional Inspection, and Dynamic Tracking Software

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Applications and Solutions

Application Specific Solutions for 3D Scanning

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3D Scanners

Creaform 3D Scanners