SIMULIA Abaqus Unified FEA

Abaqus is the best solution for high-performance FEA with complex assemblies, materials, interactions, and multiphysics.

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Analysis Types

A limited list of Abaqus’s considerable simulation capabilities:
  • Linear static stress & displacement
  • Nonlinear static/dynamic stress & displacement
  • Transient & steady-state heat transfer
  • Acoustics
  • Natural frequency
  • Steady-state dynamics
  • Random response
  • Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian
  • Coupled field
    • Thermo-mechanical
    • Shock and acoustic-structural
  • Multiphysics
    • Thermal-stress
    • Thermalelectrical
    • Low-frequency electromagnetics
    • Structural-acoustics
    • Fluid flow through porous media

Analysis & Modeling Techniques

Abaqus modeling is highly sophisticated, with many specialized techniques to bring greater efficiency and possibilities to unique customer needs:
  • Analysis import & restart
  • Substructuring & submodeling
  • Symmetric modeling
  • Material removal & addition
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Annealing & reinforcement
  • Adaptive remeshing
  • Direct cyclic procedures
  • Hydrostatic fluid cavities
  • Cosimulation
  • Data parametrization & parametric study
  • User subroutines


The Abaqus/CAE pre-/post-processor is a powerful, highly customizable work environment from which to setup Abaqus models and visualize results:
  • Complete access to Abaqus solver functionality
  • Feature-based, parametric modeling
  • Synchronize data directly with CATIA, SolidWorks, or Pro/E
  • Advanced meshing interface
  • Set up everything to run your analysis (materials, interactions, loading, etc.)
  • Capture and reuse workflows
  • Access user-created scripting and subroutines
  • Manage job queuing and execution
  • View and document analysis results

Material Definitions

Abaqus’s library of material models enables realistic simulation of a wide range of common and advanced materials, including rubbers, composites and even biological tissues.
  • Orthotropic/anisotropic linear elasticity
  • Porous elasticity
  • Hypoelasticity
  • Anisotropic hyperelasticity
  • Nonlinear viscoelasticity
  • Elastomeric & low-density foams
  • Hysteresis
  • Fabric
  • Metal plasticity
  • Progressive damage & failure
  • Drucker-Prager, Cam-Clay, & Mohr-Coulomb plasticities
  • Crushable foam plasticity
  • Concrete plasticity

Constraints & Interactions

Abaqus contact modeling is extremely robust, and setting it up is easier than ever — use automatic contact detection to save hours of work and avoid missed interactions in complex assemblies:
  • Surface-based constraints
    • Mesh ties
    • Kinematic couplings
    • Shell-to-solid couplings
  • Surface-based contact
    • Automatic (general) contact
    • Deformable-deformable, rigid-rigid, self-contact
    • Contact damping
    • Cohesive behavior
    • Surface property definitions
    • Multiple (incl. user-defined) friction models
    • Multiple contact formulations


  • Supports Windows/x86-64 & Linux/x86-64 platforms
  • Runs in laptop, desktop, server, cluster, and cloud environments
  • Parallel direct sparse solver with dynamic load balancing
  • Parallel iterative solver
  • Parallel Lanczos & AMS eigenvalue solutions
  • Domain decomposition-based parallel processing
  • Supports up to 256 CPU cores
  • Supports GPU acceleration

But wait, there's more!

All the lists above are pruned down from Abaqus’s full offerings!  Read the exhaustive catalogs of Abaqus features below:


  • Extensive documentation
    • Analysis, theory, keyword, and getting started manuals
    • Example problems
    • Benchmarks & verification
  • Regular updates & fixes
  • Quality monitoring service
  • Implementation assistance & technical support
  • Training courses & certification exams
  • Regional user meetings


Abaqus is now available in the cloud, granting access to on-demand HPC simulation at vastly reduced associated costs:
  • No hardware purchasing
  • No IT staffing
  • No utility costs
  • No physical space
  • No disaster risk
With this whitepaper, learn how a cloud plan offers value over traditional implementations: Cloud-Based High Performance Computing


Abaqus licenses also grant access to fe-safe for durability analysis:
  • Accurate, reliable multiaxial fatigue analysis, regardless of the complexity of your loadings and model
  • Unique, leading-edge technology for the fatigue analysis of elastomers
  • The original, patented Verity® Structural Stress Method for seam, structural and spot welded joints
  • Thermomechanical fatigue analysis with unique capabilities for creep-fatigue interaction


Abaqus licenses also grant access to Isight process automation and design exploration:
  • Combine multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow
  • Automate their execution across distributed compute resources
  • Explore the resulting design space
  • Identify the optimal design parameters subject to required constraints.


Abaqus licenses also grant access to the Tosca optimization suite:
  • Powerful optimization solutions for design of lightweight, stiff, and durable parts and assemblies
  • Maximize performance, minimize material and weight, and discover new design possibilities
  • Topology optimization-driven design concepts for fluid flow systems and components

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