SIMULIA CST Studio Suite

High-performance electromagnetic simulation software for design, analysis, and optimization

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Why CST Studio Suite? Accuracy, Speed, Usability


Users can construct and edit simulation models using CST Studio Suite’s powerful parametric CAD interface. It supports all the major CAD and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) options and then some. SOLIDWORKS users can enjoy a direct two-way link in their CAD operations. Whatever your software choices, you can expect a smooth transition between workspaces.

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cst cable studio modeling

Intuitive, fully parametric model and cable construction within the simulation environment.


EM simulations apply to many substances, including magnetics, photonics, and biological physics, which each display unique characteristics. CST Studio Suite includes the material models necessary to simulate a wide range of electromagnetic phenomenon, including plasmonic and photonic effects, ferromagnetism, secondary electron emission, and biological heating.

Body models

An accurate model of the human body is critical to many EM fields, especially in healthcare and life sciences. CST Studio Suite includes both voxel-based and CAD-based body modelswith detailed internal structure and realistic EM and thermal properties.


The fast, accurate meshing provided by CST Studio Suite offers mesh refinement and automatic adaption to increase mesh quality in key parts of the model. Proprietary Perfect Boundary Approximation models even the most complex CAD data, even for models with billions of mesh cells.


CST Studio Suite provides users with an array of synthesis tools to automatically build models of potential designs for planar and cavity filters, antennae, antenna arrays, and waveguides.

Hardware acceleration

CST solvers will engage with CPU multithreadingGPU acceleration, and distributed and MPI cluster computing.


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Agile engineering

CST Studio Suite also offers scalable, on-demand cloud solutions for fluctuating simulation needs.  No IT, no hardware, no mess, remotely managed.

Implementation assistance

Caelynx and the CST team are here to provide performance benchmarks, configuration feedback, and system builder referrals.

cst studio suite circuit schematic co-simulation

Co-simulation: Schematic circuit for a 3D EM/circuit co-simulation of a motor control.

antenna magus array radiation patterns

Some array layouts and corresponding radiation patterns in Antenna Magus

cst antenna magus

Antenna design in CST Antenna Magus

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