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North America’s
#1 SIMULIA Support Team

As the premiere continental SIMULIA provider, SERVICE COMES FIRST. We are power users of the software we support, and as users ourselveswe live the same customer experience you do. The result is an unrivaled CAE software experience that even wins over Abaqus customers from other vendors.

Our CAE industry experience informs optimal software and hardware purchasing in terms of capabilities, efficiency, and pricing; and our CAE utilization expertise becomes your pillar of support, whenever you need help using these powerful tools.

The most competitive manufacturers are rapidly seizing the advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE and SIMULIA to secure an engineering lead. Don’t get left behind. Develop a cutting-edge CAE strategy tailored to achieve your goals with CATI.

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How can CATI help your business implement CST Studio Suite?

Since 2011, our team of CAE specialists has been helping businesses implement FEA solutions nationwide. As leading value-added resellers of Dassault Systèmes products, we have extensive experience working with organizations to find the best solutions for their simulation needs.

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