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Isight provides a standard library of components—including Excel™, Word™, CATIA V5™, Dymola™, MATLAB®, COM, Text I/O applications, Java and Python Scripting, and databases—for integrating and running a model or simulation. These components form the building blocks of simulation process flows. The direct link between Isight and the components allows for easy modification of a reference input deck, execution of the component, and the extraction of the output information. A full-featured development environment, based on Eclipse TM, supports the development of components, whereas the open API extends additional Isight capabilities. This open architecture allows SIMULIA and its partners to offer a wide range of application components that provide a tighter integration with models developed in popular engineering software applications. A component based approach makes it easier to create process flows, reduce maintenance costs, and provides timely access to new components or updates through an independent release process.


Isight combines cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow, automates their execution, explores the resulting design space, and identifies the optimal design parameters based on required constraints. Isight’s ability to manipulate and map parametric data between process steps and automate multiple simulations greatly improves efficiency, reduces manual errors, and accelerates the evaluation of product design alternatives. The design data produced by design-of-experiments runs can also be used with approximation models for use with optimization methods.
DOE workflow and response surfaces


The intuitive Design Gateway graphical user interface enables users to quickly create integrated simulation process flows, which couple simulation programs regardless of discipline, programming language, or format. Isight provides drag-and-drop process flow creation, parameter mapping, and problem formulation. In addition, Isight delivers branching, looping, conditional, and other execution logic. This flexibility, combined with scripts to alter the runtime behavior of the model as a function of changing parameter values, allows the creation of highly reusable processes. Once the process flow is defined, the user interface enables easy import of externally defined parameter values and problem formulations. Utilities such as model search, model content viewer, parameter search, and parameter grouping are also available. From the Runtime Gateway, any simulation process flow created with Isight can be seamlessly executed on distributed hardware by the Isight Execution engine or the SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE).

The Isight & SIMULIA Execution Engine Cycle


The Runtime Gateway enables desktop and distributed execution of engineering process flows. It also enables the creation of graphs and tables to visualize results. All job results are saved automatically to a locally managed database. The user interface supports the creation of visual tools for real-time postprocessing of data such as tables, 2D and 3D plots, and statistical analysis. Isight provides interactive tools for visualizing parameter relationships as well as performance attribute tradeoffs with interactive approximations. Users can share these approximations with non-Isight users by exporting them to Excel.

In the visual design driver you can trade off dozens of objectives with overlaid constraints in real time.

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