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Predict surface temperatures and heat fluxes generated with fully coupled state-of-the-art radiation and conduction solver.


Predict heat exchanger performance and top tank temperatures with fully coupled cooling system simulation model.


Predict and analyze aeroacoustic noise.


PowerFLOW’s ability to simulate true rotating geometry enables practical and accurate prediction of noise and performance of HVAC and cooling fans—simply not possible using standard rotating reference frame models. It also improves accuracy for any application that has rotating components and is transient in nature. Applications include:
  • Fan noise and performance
    • Simulations for axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans, and cross flow fans
    • Ability to analyze flow rates and pressure rise
  • Brake cooling
  • Wheel aerodynamics
  • Pumps, blowers, turbines, mixers, and more


  • For validation with experimental data it’s important to simulate the physical wind tunnel setup along with the model.
  • For external flow studies, PowerFLOW comes with ready-to-use parametric digital wind tunnel templates for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic simulations
  • Standard digital wind tunnel templates may be customized to conform to your wind tunnel
  • The Digital Wind Tunnel model includes:
    • Static and moving ground plane modeling to more accurately reflect real world conditions
    • Boundary layer suction point to match experimental wind tunnels
    • Specification of a known experimental boundary layer inlet profile


  • PowerFLOW is architected from the ground up for operation in high performance computing environments in order to achieve the fastest possible simulation times—providing near linear scalability up to hundreds of processor cores
  • One model, many simulations: once a surface mesh model is prepared, our best practices detail how the same model may be used to perform additional simulations (such as thermal or aeroacoustic) using SIMULIA’s integrated suite of products.

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