Structural Designer

Assess product performance and quality under static, thermal and buckling conditions with ABAQUS® on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

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Why Choose Structural Designer?

By accelerating simulation adoption in design, Structural Designer uses sophisticated simulation technology to automatically present options that are meaningful and intuitive for fast product integration in engineering. Adaptive refinement ensures high-quality results for each simulation. Explore and validate structural and thermal performance and design durability with Structural Designer. You can perform several types of stress analysis to transform new ideas into great products.

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Assess structural integrity of products with powerful finite element-based simulation techniques to guide design decisions.
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Part of the SIMULIA Portfolio

Structural Designer is one of the roles among the complete SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE® portfolio which enable companies to discover optimum solutions to evolving needs, within a common user interface. From Design Simulation to Design Optimization to Multiphysics Simulation and Simulation Process Management, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to explore real-world product behavior.

Diverse Simulation Capabilities

Stress, linear, frequency, linear buckling, thermal, and combined thermal-structural simulation on parts and assemblies.

Guided Workflow

Helps you understand what to do next. Intuitive contact setup and detection. Automated report generation in Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint® formats.

Automation and Control

Automatic generation of the solid meshes with adaptive refinement. Local mesh control for greater precision in defining mesh density.

CAD and CAE Integration

With Structural Designer, you build simulation models directly on design geometry. Tight associativity with SOLIDWORKS® means that simulation and CAD always remain synchronized even after design changes.

Post Processing

Intuitive post-processing with contour plots of simulation results and visualization tools.