High-fidelity particle-based computational fluid dynamics with real moving geometries, complex multiphase flows, free surface flows, and fluid-structure interactions

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Unified Solver and Pre-/post-processor

XFlow provides a unique and novel interface and working environment for the user. The pre-processor, solver and post-processor are fully integrated in the same environment. The User Interface layout is fully configurable with movable workspace windows and options to use pre-set display settings.


Being particle-based, the algorithms behind XFlow lower the requirements imposed on the CAD models. For example, in the analysis of external aerodynamics, the software is not concerned with moving or crossing surfaces as soon as these define a coherent fluid volume. XFlow reduces the number of parameters the user has to set to define the flow characteristics and generate the fluid domain. Thus, the complexity of the geometry is not a limiting factor in XFlow.


The graphical post-processing capability of XFlow allows interactive visualization of the solution and allows numerical analysis even while the computation is still running. XFlow provides tools for additional processing through export to third-party applications such as ParaView and EnSight Gold.
xflow post-processing of nozzle nozzle jet simulation Post-processing nozzle jet simulations


Particle-Based Kinetic Solver

XFlow features a novel particle-based kinetic algorithm that has been specifically designed to perform very fast with accessible hardware. The discretization approach in XFlow avoids the classic domain meshing process and the surface complexity is not a limiting factor anymore. The user can easily control the level of detail of the underlying lattice with a small set of parameters, the lattice is tolerant to the quality of the input geometry, and adapts to the presence of moving parts.

Adaptive Wake Refinement

XFlow automatically adapts the resolved scales to the user requirements, refining the quality of the solution near the walls, dynamically adapting to the presence of strong gradients and refining the wake as the flow develops.

Single Consistent Wall Model

XFlow uses a non-equilibrium wall function to model the boundary layer. This wall model takes into account the adverse pressure gradients responsible for flow separation, important in aerodynamics analysis. Moreover, the wall model is automatically disabled as soon as the lattice size near walls is small enough to resolve directly the flow in the boundary layer.

Turbulence Modeling: High-Fidelity WMLES

XFlow features a high fidelity Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulation (WMLES) approach to turbulence modeling. The underlying state-of-the-art LES, based on the Wall-Adapting Local Eddy (WALE) viscosity model, provides a consistent local eddy-viscosity and near wall behavior.


Shared Memory Parallel (SMP) Performance

XFlow is fast, efficient and accessible even on a standard desktop PC. XFlow is fully parallelized for multi-core technology with near-linear scalability.

Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) Performance

XFlow also perfectly integrates into your HPC environment, which opens a wide range of possibilities for the most demanding computations. XFlow’s distributed solver scales efficiently even for a large number of nodes.
"GraphDistributed Memory Parallel Scalability Performance
XFlow sail simulations

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