106 Labs utilizing Fisher/Unitech LLC 3D Printing Build Services to Prototype

As a mechanical engineer and the father of four sons, one
can imagine that for Zac Coon, it would only be a matter of time before some
pretty innovative ideas for toys would come to fruition. Last December, Coon
and his team at 106 Labs posted a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising
enough capital to get their new craft toy project, the Hyper-B, up and running.
The Hyper-B is a hyperboloid-shaped toy that keeps your eyes entertained
through its unique movements, and it comes in a kit that gives kids a fun craft
project to complete before actually getting to play with their new toy.
Hyper B1
As with any new idea, there is a process involved when trying
to get a new product off the ground. Coon made multiple prototype designs in
his garage and worked hard to optimize the Hyper-B design. However, at- home
designs can only go so far when prototyping.This is where 3D printing and
our team at Fisher Unitech were able to help 106 Labs continue making improvements to
the Hyper-B. According to Coon, “The
Hyper-B design has been improved greatly by prototyping. I tried printing a prototype on a Cubex Trio,
but the detail requirements exceeded its capabilities. For my first purchased prototype, I went with
a company that printed the parts in Belgium. The parts themselves were nice; however, it
took 20 days from order to receipt. Fisher Unitech printed my next set of prototype parts, and the parts
were excellent; the fine detail of the prints came through perfectly. I believe I have one more round of printed
prototypes left, then I’ll be ready to send the design to the mold maker.”
By utilizing our 3D printing build services,
106 Labs was able to ensure a quality design, get a good understanding of what the final
product would look like, and do all of that in a timely manner. At this stage in product
development, 106 Labs has many directions they can take when trying to bring
their Hyper-B to market.“There are a
couple of companies interested in potentially licensing the product,” Coon
states. “We may do that and use some of
the proceeds from licensing to start our own business in the future. Also, in hopes of making this world we live
in a better place, we want to try planting some micro-businesses in
impoverished 3rd world countries.  We
would supply free Hyper-B materials, which they could assemble and sell locally
to support themselves”.  Fisher/Unitech
LLC printing capabilities contributed to the success of the project, and
demonstrated to small companies the advantages of using their services in the
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