15 Reasons to Attend SOLIDWORKS World 2017 #SWW17

15 Reasons to Attend SOLIDWORKS World 2017 #SWW17


With SOLIDWORKS World just a few weeks away and if you are looking for a reason to justify to your company why you should attend SOLIDWORKS World this year, the team at Computer Aided Technology, MCAD Technologies, InFlow and our customers are giving you 14 quality reasons to attend. The Technical Teams from CATI, MCAD and InFlow have 11 different presentations and we have 3 customers who are presenting their own material.


If you are not familiar with SOLIDWORKS World, it is SOLIDWORKS‘ annual 3 day conference that you can join more than 5,000 of your peers and select from more than 200 breakout sessions on topics ranging from Design Automation and Electrical Design to Simulation and Product Data Management. This year, SOLIDWORKS World is in Los Angeles, California and runs from February 5th to February 8th. To learn more about or register for SOLIDWORKS World, click here for more info.


Computer Aided Technology, MCAD and InFlow Presentations


Monday, February 6th


1.) Administering SOLIDWORKS Toolbox


  • John Van Engen, Sr. Support Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc
  • Jeff Barker, PLM Consulting Manager, InFlow Technology


Session Description: This is a full length everything we could think of session for every SOLIDWORKS® Toolbox option, administration, what’s new, and upgrades.


2.) How To Build and Maintain Effective Design Tables


  • Josh Altergott, Support Manager, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session reviews all aspects of Design Tables from the optimal setup of parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS® to how to utilize the tools in SOLIDWORKS and Excel® to help automate the design process of creating configurations.


3.) SOLIDWORKS Design for 3D Printing


  • Judy Marlo, Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: With the increased use of 3D Printers, SOLIDWORKS® designers take their 3D SOLIDWORKS designs and create 3D-printed parts. This session helps you optimize STL translation settings and design best practices so you can design parts in SOLIDWORKS and produce the best quality 3D-printed parts.


Tuesday, February 7th


4.) DriveWorksXpress Essentials Hands-on Lab


  • Derek Lawson, Senior Consultant, InFlow Technology, LLC
  • Ryan Dally, Product Manager, InFlow Technology, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This hands-on session prepares you to automate your designs using DriveWorksXpress, which is included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. Topics include: planning for automation, leveraging your existing models, and growing your automation.


5.) Essentials of DraftSight – DraftSight for the SOLIDWORKS User


  • Josh Altergott, Support Manager, Computer Aided Technology, Inc
  • George Branes, Support Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session covers the key items that all users need to get started with DraftSight. Topics will include: choosing the best DraftSight product and installation; how to create new files; working with 2D legacy files; and moving 2D data from DraftSight to SOLIDWORKS®.


6.) Admin Image Basics


  • Bryan Pawlak, Sr. Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session takes a look at how easy it is to create, configure, and deploy a SOLIDWORKS® admin image. It will highlight changes that streamline the install of all SOLIDWORKS products including, PDM, Composer, Plastics, and Electrical, along with the enhancements for the 2017 products.


7.) PDM Professional Upgrade Best Practices


  • Justin Webster, VP, InFlow Technology, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session will teach you how to upgrade your SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional environment. Attendees will review the setup of a test server and best practices for the upgrade.


Wednesday, February 8th


8.) SOLIDWORKS Redneck Workarounds – Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems


  • Josh Altergott, Support Manager, Computer Aided Technology, Inc
  • Adrian Fanjoy, Director of Tech Services, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: Did you know that your day-to-day modeling tasks may be wrought with unnecessary steps that waste your precious time and money? This session provides some inventive and unique techniques that will inspire you to think more creatively and inventively to solve your daily design issues.


9.) Creating Tech Pubs from Building Blocks with SOLIDWORKS Composer


  • Brian Reel, Field Tech Services Mgr, Computer Aided Technology, Inc
  • Judy Marlo, Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session shows you how to have fun with childhood building block SOLIDWORKS® models and teaches you how to publish static and interactive content with SOLIDWORKS Composer.


10.) When to Move from PDM Standard to PDM Professional


  • Aleks Vicentic, PLM Consultant, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: This session explores the different capabilities between SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard and PDM Professional and help determine which one is best for you. This session also offers advice on when is it necessary to upgrade from Standard to Professional.


 SOLIDWORKS Partner Pavilion


Monday, February 6th to Wednesday, February 8th


11.) Introduction to DraftSight for Current 2D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Users


  • Don Glaske, Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology, Inc


Session Description: Don will be presenting all 3 days of SOLIDWORKS World about the ease of the user’s experience with DraftSight for the current 2D CAD and SOLIDWORKS users. Don will be discussing the many benefits of converting from other 2D CAD to DraftSight. As well as talking about the common functions between DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS.


Computer Aided Technology and MCAD Customer Presentations


Monday, February 6th


12.) Using 3D Scan Data Effectively and How to Model Curvy Stuff from It


  • Edward Eaton, Sr Industrial Designer / Principal at DGi, DiMonte Group (DGi)


Session Description: You have 3D scan data. Now what? This session first explores the workflows and decisions required to effectively reference a 3D scan in SOLIDWORKS®. Then the second part uses the “Tucker Torpedo” case study to explore the root principles and best tools for modeling using the scan as your guide.


13.) 10 Wayz for Mature Modeling and Stuff


  • Todd Werginz, Owner, Aeon Analytics LLC


Session Description: This session demonstrates advanced concepts (WAYZ ) to accomplish modeling challenges found in everyday work environments.


Tuesday, February 7th


14.) Fantastic Plastic: Strategies and Techniques for Injection Molded Part Design


  • Andrew Lowe, Senior Industrial Designer, DiMonte Group Inc


Session Description: SOLIDWORKS® has a plethora of tools for designing and modeling injection-molded plastic parts. This session will cover workflow and modeling strategies that will help you quickly and efficiently transform conceptual design models into manufacturable plastic part designs.


15.) WHAT’S NEW WITH draftsight



Session Description: In this session you will hear about the latest DraftSight product updates, see product demos, learn more about 2D and 3D DWG, as well as get a glimpse of AR/VR with DraftSight.


Session Attendee Benefits: Attendees will learn more about 2D design and drafting and emerging technologies and trends.



We hope to see you at SOLIDWORKS World 2017



Josh Altergott
CATI Support Manager
Computer Aided Technology

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