Modifying Sketches


When moving, scaling, rotating, or flipping sketches people get
into the habit of doing it the old AutoCad way: highlighting everything in the sketch and right mouse
button clicking the sketch to move, rotate, scale, and copy. An easier way of doing this is to use the
Modify Sketch tool. This tool is under
Tools>Sketch Tools>Modify Sketch. 

For instance, to  flip a sketch about an axis, just
place the black origin where you like to flip about and hover over the black
balls on the axis you want to flip about. Once you do that you will see the mouse buttons on the mouse icon. The right button will flip the entire sketch
about the axis. The black origin will
also snap to any location you drag and drop to. The help menu also gives you short videos so
you can pick up tips in a few seconds. To search for the instructions, just open the tool and click on the
Question mark button then click on the title bar of the Modify Sketch
window. This can be done with many of
the SOLIDWORKS functions.

Ketul Patel

Technical Support