Why is there a Funnel next to my Selection Pointer?


Everyone has at some point in time been working in SOLIDWORKS when you realize that you are no longer able to select what you want and that is when you notice the Funnel next to your Selection PointerPointer_Sel_Filter. So what is that funnel and how did it get there? 

What this Funnel is is a Selection Filter and is used to help select specific types of items in the graphics area or drawing sheet. This more than likely got turned on by accidentally selecting one of the Hot Keys on the keyboard. There are 3 Hot Keys or Keyboard Shortcuts assigned to Selection Filters E for Edges, F for Faces, and V for Vertices. You can access the full Tool Bar by Right Clicking on any of the existing Toolbars and selecting the Selection Filter Toolbar or by hitting F5 on the keyboard.

If you are looking for a fast way to turn off or Clear All Filters you can hit F6 on the keyboard.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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