How To Remove the Toolbox Flag From a SOLIDWORKS File


One of the questions that I ran across while going through the support  log the other day was the question of “How to remove the Toolbox flag from a SOLIDWORKS file?” and the reason the customer was looking to do this is they took a standard Toolbox part and wanted to make a custom part file of it.

So in looking this up on the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base we found Solution Id: S-03798  


Is there a way to disable the Toolbox flag in a Toolbox part file in order to fully disassociate it from Toolbox?  


Yes.  Go into the SOLIDWORKS installation folder and then go inside the Toolbox/Data Utilities folder. Run "sldsetdocprop.exe", add any Toolbox files the user wishes to disable the flag in, set the Property State to "No", and click Apply.

Toolbox Property Update 
Be careful as you make these changes and make sure you select only the files/folders that you are sure you want to change the properties on.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader