How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Cost?


Solidworks-authorized-reseller-2015At some point while researching a product of interest, a consumer will go to their search engine of choice and type “How much does (Product Name) cost” or “What is the price of (Product Name)”.  Our industry is no different. In our industry, those Product Names include SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM or generic terms like CAD Software, 3D CAD Software, etc… .

While pricing for most products changes constantly, the price of a standard license of SOLIDWORKS hasn’t changed since it was first released back in the mid-1990s. You can still purchase a standard license of SOLIDWORKS at the list price of $3995 and the subscription support list price is $1295.

Most SOLIDWORKS Product Licenses are offered in a tiered system of Standard, Professional, and Premium.  As you move up to the Professional and Premium levels, you will gain additional capabilities. With added capabilities comes additional license and subscription support costs.


To compare prices on all SOLIDWORKS Software visit the CATI SOLIDWORKS store. Keep in mind that SOLIDWORKS Training Classes, Implementation Services, and the right computer hardware will help you get the most out of your investment in SOLIDWORKS and help you be more productive.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Pricing
SOLIDWORKS Composer Pricing


Jim TeDesco
Marketing Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.