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One of the most important maintenance tasks on our PolyJet equipment is cleaning the heads.  This involves taking rubbing alcohol and a clean room cloth and wiping the heads.  This is very easy to do, but needs to be done within an hour of every print job.  To make this convenient, Stratasys has incorporated the Job Scheduler in Objet Studio.  This allows the user to schedule a job to start when they need it and when they’ll be available to clean the heads.

If this is the first job in the queue we’ll need to stop it as Objet Studio likes to start jobs automatically after we hit the print button.  Simply select the Job and Click Stop.  Reference the job I have below.  It is a 26 hour build and I want it to finish at 8:00 am Monday morning.  Next, right click your job and a shortcut menu appears.

Select the Clock Icon which will launch the Job Scheduler.  Select the desired start date and time.  In this case, I’ll need to start on Sunday at 6am in order to finish when I’m walking in the door on Monday (Take note the Day and Month are switched on these machines from the factory).

Click OK and you see your job status has changed to “On Schedule’.  Take note of the material usage, we’ll need that in the next step.

Switch over to the Printer Computer (Scroll Lock-Scroll Lock-Enter if you have the KVM Switch) and verify you have the material you need.  Objet Studio will not notify you of low material during a job schedule.

Remember to click the red dot to put the printer in “Online” mode and it will turn green.  That’s IT!

Come Monday morning I’ll have a part waiting for me on the printer.  Once removed I’ll be able to clean the heads and move to the next job.

Have any questions?  Let me know in the comments below!

2 comments on “PolyJet Job Scheduling

  1. Could they possibly create a holding area or queue for jobs sent by client workstations? Typically, I send more than 1 job to my printer at one time, it would be nice to do this with out having to run to the printer to stop the first job that was sent.


  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment! I have thought this could be useful in the past so submitted this to Stratasys.

    I can think of 2 alternate work flows for this,
    1. You could save your builds to the Hard Drive, then open them from job manager, essentially using the HDD as the temporary work area.
    2. Keep your printer in Offline Mode (Red Light on the embedded software) until you are ready to print. You will still need to stop that first one to reorder the queue, but nothing would start until you put the printer in online mode.

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