Missing Templates After Updating SOLIDWORKS


With each update of SOLIDWORKS, there’s always something missing. Missing templates is one of the most common problems. It’s also the easiest to fix.

There are 2 places in the System Options to check: Default Templates and File locations.

Default Templates

Go to Tools > Options > Systems Options > Default Templates

There are 3 default templates: Part, Assemblies and Drawings. These default templates are used for:

  • Insert, Mirror Part
  • Insert, Component, New Part
  • Insert, Component, New Assembly
  • Form New Sub-assembly Here
  • File, Derived Component Part

Anywhere SOLIDWORKS does not prompt you for a template.

Options include a choice to ‘Always use these default document templates’ or ‘Prompt use to select document template’ is available by selecting a radio button.

These default templates need to point to the location where the templates reside. The system default is to the C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKSXXXX\template\Part.prtdot file, Assembly.prtdot and Drawing.drwdot files respectively.

Default Templates


File Locations

Go to Tools > Options > Systems Options > File Locations

Show folders for Document Templates. This is where you select a folder that holds your custom templates or templates that come with SOLIDWORKS.  You can have multiple folders in this area.

File Locations

When you go to File > New or select the NewNew iconIcon, this window of the Default Templates appears.


If you choose Anvanced, you will see a tab for the default templates and each file locations you have added to your File Locations list.

Tabs for Templates


Best practices for organizing your default templates:

Generally, it's not a good idea to store your customized templates in the SOLIDWORKS installation directory. The reason is that when you install a new version of SOLIDWORKS, the new installation will write over the existing files.

A better strategy is to set up a separate local or network directory to avoid files being overwritten.


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2 comments on “Missing Templates After Updating SOLIDWORKS

  1. The problem I’m having is that the SOLIDWORKS template files are missing from both of those locations. The files are gone, probably deleted when I uninstalled SOLIDWORKS 2016. I am using 2015 right now. How do I get the files themselves back?

  2. This is a me too.
    I installed solidworks in kind of a funny order…
    2016 then 2014 then 2017 then PDM
    I think clicking on something with PDM totally borked my files..

    I had Solidworks 2016 Data
    Solidworks 2014 Data
    and Solidworks 2017 Data folders…
    but somehow solidworks decided to “blend” them… and borked my solidworks 2014 items so they won’t work in 2014.. and now 2016 doesn’t work…
    It is very frustrating.

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