How to Insert a Pause in a Build in Catalyst


In Catalyst, you can tell the machine to pause at a specified layer during a build. Once the build pauses the door will unlock. You can use this technique to insert parts into the build in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Regardless of the part inserted, it must sit flush with the last layer that was put down.

You can also utilize a pause in the build to do a material change. Once paused, unload the model material and load a new material cartridge just as you normally would. This allows you to have multi-color parts. Use this technique to give emphasis to a particular part of a model or make extruded text stand out better.

To insert a pause in Catalyst, first open a .stl file as you normally would.

Orient the part as needed.

Click Process STL to create the toolpaths.

Notice the “Layer View:” in the top right corner. The standard view after processing the .stl is “All”. Use these buttons in the “Layer View:” section to navigate through the toolpaths in each layer. Find the layer that you would like the system to pause at and then press the insert pause button. It will pause just before the selected layer.

Multiple pauses can be created in one part, and each part in the pack can have their own paused layers. Once all the pauses are in place, press “Add to Pack” and proceed to add another part into the pack or print as normal.

Cody Doiron