Upgrading the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) for SOLIDWORKS 2018


Upgrading the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) for SOLIDWORKS 2018 #SW2018

With every new version of SOLIDWORKS, if you are running the network version, the license manager is required to be upgraded to the latest version that a client is running. The license manager is backwards compatible with all older version of SOLIDWORKS along with PDM licenses.

The update is fairly straight forward and takes little time to accomplish. There are a few things to watch out for however.

The first step you want to do, is to make sure that there are no borrowed licenses out. If the server is upgraded when a borrowed license is pulled, the client will run into errors when trying to return the license with the new license manager.

Now with all borrowed licenses returned, the next step is to de-activate the license. If this is not done, you may have problems re-activating the license even though it is on the same computer.

Select the “Server Administration” tab, then select the “Modify” button.

Once selected, check the option to “Move your product licenses to a new/upgrade computer”.

If you have more than 1 serial number, select the “Select All” option and enter your email address.


Once the license has been de-activated, you can then procced to the upgrade.

You can use the same media/download as you would use for the clients, however you will want to select “Server Products” from the menu. With the license manager being previously installed. It should default to this option. You will get a notice about a pending reboot, but you will see this always by default even if you have rebooted. It is recommended to reboot before the install, but it is not required.

Select the option to upgrade the license server.

You should not be required to re-enter your serial number since this stored in the registry and does not get removed by default.

Once the installation has been completed, there is still one major step to finish. You are still required to re-activate.

Launch the license manager once. It will prompt you to re-activate.

Run through the process of re-activating. Once this is complete, you are good to go!

Blake Cokinis
Sr. Support Product Specialist
Computer Aided Technology