Desktop Metal Materials


Desktop Metal 3D Printing Materials

One of the most exciting aspects of the Desktop Metal systems is the material capabilities. Most of today’s current metal printing machines are very limited in their material selections. Usually limited to high alloy steels and other exotic metals that are positioned more towards very niche uses. With Desktop Metal, we are leveraging the supply chain of the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) industry. With MIM we have a much wider range of materials available to use ranging from tool steels to aluminum, copper, and titanium.

Some of these materials still need to be tuned for the Desktop Metal process, meaning their custom sintering profiles are in development. This will allow users a very simple plug and play process without needing to have a metallurgist on-site to program in a sintering recipe. All of this is calculated and programmed directly into the Desktop Metal software. At launch (first machines shipped this week!) we have access to 17-4 PH, 316L, 4140, Copper, H13, and Inconel 625. These are some of the most common metals used in industry.

Owen Lu – Applications Engineer