Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS 2018


Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS 2018

If you are new to M.C.A.D. (Mechanical Computer-Aided Design) or you are interested in learning the basics of 3D part modelling using SOLIDWORKS, there are some simple steps you can take to familiarize yourself with the application. There are also self-paced tutorials included with the software which will provide an excellent path to learning the basics of 3D design. After completing the first few tutorials you will be prepared to attend a SOLIDWORKS Essentials class, virtually, or at a Computer Aided Technology training facility nearby. If you don’t have SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer, please contact to request an online evaluation.

Let’s get started with an overview of the SOLIDWORKS interface including any special vocabulary you will need to proceed. The first time you open SOLIDWORKS after an installation, you will be asked to activate your product(s).

Next, click on Select All button, then type your email address, and click Next >. You will see one or more progress indicators, then a success screen:

Click Finish. Now you will see the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement, which you should read prior to clicking Accept.

After the license has been activated the interface will open and you are presented with SOLIDWORKS 2018 Welcome screen.

On the Welcome Screen click on the Learn tab.

Then click on the box marked Tutorials. This will open the interface to the self-paced tutorials.

Click on Introduction to SOLIDWORKS and click Next Topic to begin My First Part.

Here is an overview of the SOLIDWORKS GUI to help you with the location and vocabulary of the user interface items.

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to learn more about SOLIDWORKS, by taking a class or exploring more of the tutorials and online training resources available. If you are having trouble understanding the tutorial instructions or have general questions regarding the operation or capabilities of SOLIDWORKS, don’t hesitate to call Tech support at 888-285-2284 or send an
E-mail to

Happy modelling,

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