How to Replace and Calibrate Your Uprint Tips


How to Replace and Calibrate Your Uprint Tips

Removing Tips

  1. Enter Tip Maintenance – Replace Tips.
    • From Idle, Select Maintenance > Machine > Tip > then Replace.
    • The printer will display Load Model – Unloading, followed by Tip Maintenance – Adjusting Temperature.
    • After the temperature has stabilized, the printer will display Tip Maintenance – Replace Tips. You can now open the printer door and replace the tips – or you can Cancel the tip replacement procedure.
  2. Remove Plastic Head Cover
    • Remove plastic head cover by squeezing raised pads on sides of cover.

  1. Use 7/64 T-Handle Allen wrench to loosen the tip screws three to four full turns counterclockwise – or until the top of the screws are flush with the metal cover.
  2. Use needle nose pliers to grasp the stainless steel shield of the tip.
  3. Pull the tip shield toward you, then pull down to remove the tip. Discard the used tip.
  4. Repeat for second tip if necessary.


Installing Tips

    1. Install the heat shield – make sure the teflon washers are in place. Tighten the retaining screws.
    2. For a Dimension 1200es BST, the SUPPORT tip and MODEL tip are interchangeable. Both tips are the same as the MODEL tip shown in Figure 21 on page 53. (The tips come in a Red capped container).
    3. For a Dimension 1200es SST, you must identify the correct replacement tip. The SST uses two tip types. You must make sure a SUPPORT tip is used on the LEFT side of the head assembly. A MODEL tip must be used on the RIGHT side of the head assembly (See Figure 21 on page 53). The Model tip comes in a Red capped container. The Support tip comes in a Black capped container.

Replace Plastic Head Cover and close the printer door.
12. The printer will display Tip Maintenance – Tips Replaced? – select Yes to begin material load.
A. The printer will display Load Model – Replace Both Cartridges (flashing).
• If you want to replace a material cartridge, do so now (See “Loading Material”, paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 37 and “Loading Material” on page 32).
• If you do NOT want to change a material cartridge, you must unlatch and latch the cartridges to continue (Press the cartridge forward to unlatch, then press it forward again to latch).

Tp Calibration
Tip Replacement requires that a Tip Calibration must be performed.
1. Select Start Part (flashing) – the printer will run two calibration parts.
• The printer will automatically build a Z Calibration part, measure the part and calibrate the Z Axis for tip depth and tip level (approximately 5 minutes).
• The printer will then automatically build an XY Calibration part (approximately 10 minutes). You must inspect the XY Calibration part and calibrate the X and Y axes for tip offset:
2. When the XY Calibration part is complete the printer will display Remove Part and Select XY Adjustment – X:0, Y:0

3. Remove the XY tip calibration part from the Dimension printer.
4. Inspect the part and calibrate the X and Y axes (See Figure 23 on page 56).
A. Use the magnifier from the Startup Kit to view the support road (shown in red).
B. Identify the location on the +X or –X side of the part where the support road is best centered within the model boundaries (shown in blue).
C. Read the number closest to this location. This is the required X Tip Offset adjustment, in mils. If the number is on the -X side, a negative offset is required.
D. Select Increment or Decrement to input the X offset adjustment – the value will change in the upper display window (by default, the printer will be ready to accept the X value).
E. When you are satisfied with your X offset value, Select Y and repeat the procedure to identify and input the required Y Tip Offset adjustment.
5. Select Done after you have input the X and Y offsets. The printer will return to Maintenance.

Dave Murawski
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology