What is Marketplace Make in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?


One of the tools on the 3DExperience platform is Marketplace Make. Marketplace Make is a utility for sourcing out 3D Manufacturing for your models, or for getting your name out there as a service provider to make models for someone else.

This can be 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Laser Cutting, or more.

To start with getting a part made, you’ll select the files that you want made (stl, obj, stp, step, 3dxml, catpart, or sldprt). You can select these from your 3DExperience platform, or Dropbox, or Google Drive)

After selecting your file(s) you can see a list of properties and specify processes and materials for manufacturing. You also select your quantity, expected answer, and delivery preferences. You will also see a list of companies that can manufacture your part for you. These companies have tolerances, capacity, and turnaround times specified.

You can then select a company and review the information prior to requesting a quote:

After clicking the, ‘Send request for quote’ button, the company(ies) you specify will get back to you with a quote and you can decide from there to have it manufactured or not.

Fred Zobel
Senior Support Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC