Retrieve Your Objet Service Data / Log file


Stratasys Objet desktop printers have a Log file that contains a time sequenced history of events of the printer activities. It contains error codes, calibrations, positions and generally a snapshot of what the Printer is doing at the time. It is an invaluable troubleshooting tool and often requested by Stratasys for analysis when diagnosing printer issues. The following are step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the log file so that it can be sent in for analysis.

To obtain the log files you will need to access the Objet software on the embedded PC of the printer.

From the Options drop down menu select “Collect Service Data ”

Next you will see a popup window that asks if you’re sure you want to collect the data. Select “Yes”.

A new window will open showing the file location…

The log files are located in the Zip Files. As there may be quite a few, we are looking for the latest generated file. In this case it is the one marked “24-05-2018”, as in 24th of May 2018. At this point you could send the entire zip file as an attachment, but it is quite large. The actual log file we are looking for is inside the zip file. If you double click the zip file, it will show the files within. The folder “Log”, contains the log file needed for analysis.

Next you would double click the “Log “folder to reveal the Log files. Select the latest file date. I’ve highlighted the file and opened the properties to show how large the file is. In this case it is approximately 2095 KB.

At this point all we need to do is save the text file to a location we can easily find and attach it to an email to send. Generally, it will go to

Off course to get the file off the Printer compute,r the file will have to be transferred to a usb memory stick. The usb port is located on the back of the printer next to the power switch. There are two usb ports but only one available as the mouse / keyboard are attached to one of the ports.

That’s all there is to locating and downloading the file.

Best regards,
Russ Reitsma
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC