monoFab SRM-20 – The Compact Desktop Milling Solution



The SRM-20 is another Desktop Mill designed for entrepreneur and Students created by DGSHAPE by Roland. This robust machine can cut a Varity of materials using 7000 rpm and a single tool. (Modeling Wax, Chemical Wood, Foam, Acrylic, Poly acetate, ABS, PC board and many more) The largest Work piece is 8in x 6in x 2.38in. The SRM -20 weighs in at 43lbs and has a foot print of 18x17x17, this compact mill can be moved with ease and is non-obtrusive on a desk.


Easy Setup:

The SRM-20 is made to be simple and easy to use the control panel is comprised of just an power button. Installing the SRM-20 is easy just like a printer, can be connected to any computer via USB cable.

Software Interface

The Software is user friendly and have separate specialties. Like SRP player, Friendly CAM Sofware with advance editing features hidden in its 5 step wizard. This program supports STL, IGES and other CAD file formats. IModela Creator allows users to draw and sketch out their ideas like a friendly CAD program. SFEdit2 is a TrueType or outline font converter into single lines for engraving. There are other programs available to suite your needs.


Project Examples:

Learn more about the monoFab SRM-20.

Keith Weber
Manufacturing Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC