Print Large Parts

Print Large Parts Print large parts from you’re 3D Printers! That is to say, print sections of your large parts and assemble them together after the fact. If you have investigated 3D printers recently you will notice a pretty direct correlation between price and the build chamber size of the machine. Stratasys machines are no exception with the cheapest commercial grade printer by Stratasys having a 5”X5”X5” build chamber. The largest of the Stratasys printers has a 3ftX2ftX3ft build chamber, […]

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What is the GrabCadPrint Server?

What is the GrabCadPrint Server? GrabCAD Print Server serves 5 purposes: You can monitor your print queues from the iOS and Android mobile apps. You can log into GrabCAD Print from any computer and connect to your office printers. Receive email notifications for your print jobs. Log into print.grabcad.com from anywhere to see the same Schedule View as in the desktop app. Reports are powered by data collected from GrabCAD Print Server. Your company account is what links your team members to all of the features of GrabCAD […]

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Stratasys FDM Printer Routine Maintenance

Stratasys FDM Printer Routine Maintenance In order to keep your Stratasys FDM printer running smoothly there are some routine maintenance procedures that must be done. Here are some steps you can take to keep your printer working properly. Daily Maintenance Purge Bucket  On a daily basis you should empty the purge bucket. The F123 Series printers do not have a purge bucket so cleaning out or vacuuming the chamber will remove all the purge material from the printer. I will […]

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Routine Maintenance Schedule On A Stratasys PolyJet Desktop Printers

Routine Maintenance Schedule On A Stratasys PolyJet Desktop Printers After every print job: Clean the print heads and the roller surface. see “Cleaning the Print  heads and the Roller” Weekly: Perform the Pattern test. See “Pattern Test” Stratasys 3D Printing: Objet Pattern Test Clean and inspect the wiper. See “Cleaning and Replacing the Wiper” Wiper Cleaning, Inspection, and Replacement on a PolyJet Desktop Printer – Stratasys 3D Printer Support Tip When printing with MED610 Calibrate the UV intensity. See “Testing and Calibrating […]

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Scanning the Tallest Man in the World

Scanning the Tallest Man in the World The Guinness Book World record for tallest man in the world was a man named Robert Wadlow from Alton Illinois who stood at 8 ft 11.1 in tall.  Since he died in 1940, I obviously did not get to scan him.  But courtesy of the Collections of the St Louis Science Center, St Louis, Missouri; I was able to scan one of his shoes.  For this scan I used the Creaform GoScan 20. […]

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