STL Output Settings for CAD (Updated for 2018)

Happy new year!  This information is borrowed from a blog post I wrote a couple years ago, it still holds true if your intent is to end up with a printable STL from SOLIDWORKS.  However, if you don’t need to make high level changes to toolpaths, like you might see in Insight, you can open native CAD files (including SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies) within a software package called GrabCAD print.  This saves time and bypasses the need to worry about […]

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GrabCad Print Updates 1.15 & 1.16

GrabCAD Print version 1.16, March 2018 A completely new installer is available for GrabCAD Print for per-machine installations. This will allow GrabCAD Print to be easily installed on computer lab PCs, as well as deployed on a corporate level by system admins. Read more here and email print@grabcad.com to request access. The latest versions of CAD packages are now supported. This includes SOLIDWORKS 2018, Creo 4.0, Inventor 2018, and more. Read the full list here. In the last update, we introduced a new feature that […]

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How To: Resuming Print After Objet Studio has Stopped

All may not be lost if your Objet printer stops during the printing process. Follow the steps below and you may be able to resume your print. If the printing process is interrupted, Objet Studio stops sending slices to the printer. This can happen, for example, if the printing material runs out in the middle of a print job, and you don’t replace the empty cartridge immediately. After the printer changes to Standby or Idle mode, you need to resume printing from […]

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Scan to 3D Print

For many years, Additive Manufacturing has leaned heavily on the Computer Aided Design (CAD) world to print parts.  Until recently this was in the form of STL (Standard Tessellation Language) files.  STL files are a collection of points that create a 3D Object.  Lately, I have noticed more and more manufacturers moving towards native CAD Data for Printing. One technology is still making great use of the STL file, and that is 3D Scanning.  3D Scanners collect data about a […]

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How to Replace and Calibrate Your Uprint Tips

How to Replace and Calibrate Your Uprint Tips Removing Tips Enter Tip Maintenance – Replace Tips. From Idle, Select Maintenance > Machine > Tip > then Replace. The printer will display Load Model – Unloading, followed by Tip Maintenance – Adjusting Temperature. After the temperature has stabilized, the printer will display Tip Maintenance – Replace Tips. You can now open the printer door and replace the tips – or you can Cancel the tip replacement procedure. Remove Plastic Head Cover […]

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