3DVision Sessions at SOLIDWORKS World

Today it is snowing in 3DVision land – its been cold/rainy/snowy for weeks…the only thing keeping me going is knowing that next week is SOLIDWORKS World in Southern California.

If you are going to SOLIDWORKS World you were recently sent a list with all the technical sessions that will be going on…and there are a lot! (20 in just the first hour alone!) I was going to go through the list and recommend a few to you, but Richard Doyle has already done this and since my motto has always been: “Why do what you can hyperlink to?” …start here and work your way forward.

Go through Richard’s list with your yellow highlighter to mark the sessions that look interesting, then get out your orange highlighter and mark these sessions put on by the 3DVision group.

Reuben Felsheim – Monday 2:45PM – SOLIDWORKS Drawings – Tips n Tricks  – (hands on)

  • A hands on that I hope you have signed up for! Reuben’s been in technical support for a number of years and knows the pitfalls users run into with drawings. Can you imagine a better learning experience than sitting at a computer with one of the best standing behind you as your wing man?

Jeff Sweeney – Monday – 2:45PM – Design for Reuse

  • This is going to be a “Tips and Tricks” session showing some ideas I’ve run across to help you model your parts so they be used in multiple assemblies. (especially library parts) IMHO, the highlight is a little trick I picked up working with imported bodies.

Randy Simmons & Jeff Sweeney – Monday – 4:30PM – File Management with and without PDM

  • Randy and I team up for this exciting session. I think this session will be ideal for two user types: 1. Users looking for advanced data management tips and tricks but don’t have PDM and 2.Users curious to learn what a PDM system could do for them. Randy does most of the heavy lifting in this one, I am mostly there to be eye candy for the ladies in the audience.

Randy Simmons – Tuesday – 10:30AM – Hands on Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Routing (Tubing/Conduit/Piping ONLY)

  • This is a hands on presentation, and since Randy is presenting, odds are that if you haven’t already signed up for it you aren’t getting in. If you get there early you can get on a “Will Call” list and maybe you can get lucky.

Scott High – Tuesday 1:30PM – Xpress Yourself – DriveWorksXpress

  • Last year Scott did a hands on session with DriveWorksXpress that got rave reviews, this year he takes his ideas to the masses in a general session.


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