A New Product: DraftSight

Here’s some BIG news for you! DraftSight is here.
You might say, ”Wow…now Josh, what is DraftSight?”
I’m glad you asked. DraftSight is a new 2D tool that is designed to help you manage your legacy 2D data. It is very similar to your old 2D CAD tool but with a little twist. It is easier to use.
The development of DraftSight was driven by customer feedback. This will allow experienced 2D CAD users to get up to speed on DraftSight very quickly with minimal training.

Here are some questions that you may ask yourself:
Q: What will DraftSight run on?
A: It will run on Windows XP, Vista, and W7. A MAC and Linux version is planned for later this year.

Q: How large is the footprint?
A: The download file size is about 43MB.

Q: What if I need training for DraftSight?
A: If you sign up for the Community Support, you get access to online training videos, tutorials, curriculum, and discussion forums.

OK, well DraftSight does sound great but the biggest question of all; “How much will it cost?” This is starting to sound like an infomercial where the host asks if you’d pay $39.95 and then $29.95 and so-on. Well the final price is….$0!!! That’s right, it’s FREE!!!

All you need to do is go to www.DraftSight.com and download it.

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