Adding Serial Numbers to your [existing] SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL)

When you have a network license of SOLIDWORKS, the SolidNetWork License Manager is used to proctor/distribute your licenses to your users. Sometimes a new/additional network license needs to be added to an existing network license/SNL setup. The following outline the steps to add a new/additional network license to an existing SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL).

First, verify all your network serial numbers. This would include SOLIDWORKS network licenses, PDM Standard network licenses, PDM Professional network licenses, etc. You can always contact your VAR if you are not able to locate or want to verify your SOLIDWORKS/PDM serial numbers.

Once you have your network serial numbers, we can add them to the existing SNL. On the current server machine, within the Control Panel > Program and Features > right click on the line item SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager and click “Change”.

This should launch the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager Setup, where we can modify/add/remove network serial numbers. Click Next > to proceed.

Within the following window, you will need to ensure the Modify item is selected and click Next > again.

Once at the License Information screen, here is where you can enter your serial numbers (or remove serial numbers). As noted in the dialog window, you should separate multiple serial numbers with commas. Also, note that spacing isn’t critical: you can have spaces between every 4 characters in your serial number. Once finished, click Next >.

Click the Install button and the modification should not take long (a few seconds or so).

Once finished, click the Finish button to exit the SolidNetWork License Manager Setup.

Once finished and the dialog window is closed, re-launch the SolidNetWork License Manager Server on the server machine by double-clicking on the shortcut/desktop icon OR browsing to it via All Programs.

Once the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager window appears, select the Server Administration tab at the top and click on the Modify… button in the License Information area.

When the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation window appears, select the option to Activate/Reactivate your product license(s) and click Next >.

Click Next > again at the License Server Information window. When you get to the Activate/Deactivate Your SOLIDWORKS Product window, click on the Select All button and click Next >. You should notice that all the network serial numbers you previously entered should be listed.

After a few seconds, SOLIDWORKS should connect, and activate/reactivate those serial numbers on this server machine and a window should appear with a message: Activation/Reactivation Succeeded. If you do not receive this message or receive some type of error, contact your VAR. Click Finish and the process should be complete.


Nate Marsh
Sr. Support Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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