Beta testing Enterprise PDM

We all know it is difficult to test new versions of SolidWorks. …but testing the newest version of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM is even more difficult -not only do you need to have a client machine with the new version, you also need a new version of the database and archive server too!

Tuesday Joy Garon wrote in her blog:

In an effort to alleviate part of the resource issue, the SOLIDWORKS Beta team has created a “Hosted EPDM Beta Environment” that our EPDM customers can use to beta test with minimal effort.

SolidWorks supplies the database and archive servers and all the customer has to do is install the corresponding beta client. The customer has the ability to try out new functionality by creating their own vault or using a pre-populated test vault.

There will certainly be other things to test, but this is going to be a great tool to quickly and economically get your hands on the newest release. The sooner you get it tested, the sooner your users can start using the new time saving tools in Enterprise you have been paying for.

Jump over to her post to learn more and to sign up.

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