Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Is this what your SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager looks like? 
















This blog will walk you through how to unblock an html link that will allow the installation manager to run appropriately.

  •  You have downloaded either a full SOLIDWORKS package or just a service pack.
  • You have extracted all the files out of the downloaded zip folder.
  • You have run the "setup.exe", but now you are stuck.  
  • The installation manager only comes up as blank!

Fear not, there is a simple fix!

      1. Within the download folder (where you ran the "setup.exe"), you will find another folder named "sldim".

We will have to unblock an application within this folder so that the installation manager can communicate with your browser.

      2. Open the "Lang" folder.

      3. Open the "English" folder.

      4. Open the "HTML" folder.

      5. Once in the HTML folder you will need to right click on the "frameset" html link and go to the properties. This is where we are able to unblock the html to allow the installation manager to communicate with it.


















      6. Now that the frameset is unblocked you can run the "setup.exe" once again.

No more blank install screen! You can now run the installation as normal.


Courtney Roemer


Computer Aided Technology

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