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Stratasys 3D Printing: How Additive Manufacturing Will Change the Way We Think About Design

Additive Manufacturing and The Way We Think About Design     As 3D printing has become more and more mainstream, the traditional resource and skills barriers for manufacturing are all but vanishing. This trend is changing the very face of design.   For the first time, producing complex products is no more difficult, expensive, or time consuming than making simpler objects. 3D printing a block with holes, notches, and rounded edges is as approachable as printing a solid block once was. The 3D printers give designers unprecedented control over the shape and composition of matter. High-end 3D printers can combine multiple materials into arbitrary patterns at a high resolution, leading

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Pedal to the Metal: 3D printing with Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal 3D printers are the latest addition to our lineup of best-in-class product development solutions. This groundbreaking line of metal 3D printers finally provides a solution to the limitations seen with other metal 3D printers currently on the market—limitations in speed, materials, and accessibility. We’re happy to provide 3D metal printing solutions with Desktop Metal that are quick, affordable, and offer a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.   There’s been a lot of buzz in anticipation for Desktop Metal’s debut, and it’s easy to see why. Early backers like GE, BMW, and Stratasys have been vocal about their support. Desktop Metal’s 3D printed parts

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