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SolidWorksCATI Facebook PageFor those of you who are into Facebook, and those thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, CATI has established a FaceBook page with the very original name of Computer Aided Technology, Inc. That's what happens when a ME from Purdue is in charge of marketing, you get accuracy, but not a lot of flash.

The page contains information and discussion for CATI's customers and others who are interested in SOLIDWORKS, Product Development and Design.
I have been a dabbler with Facebook for quite awhile, mostly to monitor my teenagers to make sure they aren't getting into cyber trouble. I have enough gray hairs on my head to make me a bit wary about the concept of telling the world everything about myself, but the benefits of social networking are starting to grow on me.

There is definitely a place for building communities of people that share common interest and can share experience and knowledge. Facebook is a very nice medium for this.

So far, on the site you will find, a feed from this blog where you can comment  and contribute to the discussion, links to interesting content. The page has fans from the CATI and SOLIDWORKS tech groups, SmarTeam and … my kids. That is the nature of Facebook.

Join in and make sure to tell us what you think.

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