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Collaborative Business Innovator on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a vast 3D ecosystem of roles and apps designed to make you more productive. However, there are a couple of foundational roles. Let’s start with the most basic role you can get – the Collaborative Business Innovator role. This foundational role allows anyone in the company to contribute on collective innovation.

All of this is nice but, really, how does the Collaborative Business Innovator role help me be more productive? To answer this question, let’s talk a little bit about the apps that you get after  purchasing this role.

Who is it for?

Of course, everyone on the platform needs this role. However, it’s tailored to each user. For example, managers can use it to review drawings in 3DPlay and collaborate with others using Swym communities. Sales can keep track of changes, view their email, and store personal documents using 3DDrive. Bottom line is that this is the foundational role. Without the base functionality provided by this role, a great deal of functionalities later on wouldn’t be possible.

Added Capability:

3D DrivePersonal cloud storage solution, like other cloud storage services (I.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox). Not a vaulting solution, check in/out or revisioning capability is not available with this app.

3D PlayYour universal viewer, it has limited markup and measure functionality. This app allows users to view and understand files saved within the cloud.

3D SketchThis app allows free sketching using your mouse or touch screen device. Users can upload images, use rules, and sketch ideas in 3D.

3D SearchPowerful search tool that allows filtering of metadata. Use 6W tags to efficiently find and reuse existing components.

Feed ReaderMonitor internet (RSS) feeds and stay in the loop.

3D SwymCreate and participate in communities within your organization or with outside groups. Post blogs, comments, questions, ideas, asks for opinions, share CAD and always stay in the know with this app.

My ChangesVisualize existing or completed changes. These could be related to CAD or any other document within the system.

Web NotesSimple and intuitive note taking application. Keep all your notes in one location and never miss a beat.

Web Page ReaderIs there a website you would like to keep track of? This app allows you to read and click thru any website within your 3DEXPERIENCE dashboard.

Metrics readerGraph metrics right on your dashboard. Keep track of company data or any other metric that is important on your day to day activities.

MailKeep track of your emails within existing 3DEXPERIENCE dashboards.

Collaborate within SOLIDWORKS

When you install the 3DEXPERIENCE services add in to SOLIDWORKS, some of the apps available in the cloud are also available within SOLIDWORKS. Please keep in mind, not all apps available on the cloud will also be available here, some of them are simple links back to the cloud. The most important functionality one can expect using only the Collaborative Business Innovator role within SOLIDWORKS is searching; the 3DSearch application is available here and will allow users to find their data from this interface.

Collaborative Business Innovator in the SOLIDWORKS add-in

Key Takeaways

The Collaborative Business Innovator role is one of the two basic roles for the platform. However, you can use it on its own on some occasions, as we discussed. With this in mind, the added capability of this role becomes obvious; it adds foundational functions which are referenced/needed by other roles and apps as we add more functionality.

Don’t forget to check out our other blogs to learn a bit more about other roles and how they utilize some of the functionality discussed here.


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