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Let’s see what is in today’s mailbag:

Dear Engineering Specialist Man:
Often times while working in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise I get a dialog box similar to the one below:Confirm Replace - Small
There are a lot of buttons there, and I don't want to make a mistake -because mistakes usually result in me either falling off of, or running into a cliff. Can you help?
Wiley C.,
Somewhere in the middle of a desert

Dear Wiley C.,
You’ll get this dialog box whenever Enterprise thinks than the version of a file in your local cache is newer that the version in the vault, and the command you have started (typically a “Get Latest”) is just about to replace the version in your local cache with the version in the vault.

It is a little confusing I know, you have asked to get the latest, but you already have the latest [in your cache]…so what will you actually get?

  • Clicking “YES” will replace the file in your local cache with the latest version in the vault. (The same thing as if you “undo checkout” and recheck the file back out.)
  • Clicking “NO” will keep the version of the file in your local cache intact, essentially “do nothing”
  • If you are “Getting the latest” of several files at once, the “Yes to All” and “No to All” buttons will save you from clicking “YES” or “NO” for every file you selected

It is good to see that you are using Enterprise to improve your designs, but perhaps if you didn’t specify so many ACME products you would stand a better chance of catching your dinner?
Engineering Data Specialist Man

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