COSUG meets at Aerosport

Tuesday night, the Central Ohio SOLIDWORKS User Group met for the first time on the south end of Columbus at Aerosport. There was a pretty good turnout – I’m sure there were over twenty pizza eating engineers in da houz!

Cliff Walters of Aerosport gave a great presentation showing the many techniques they use with SOLIDWORKS surfacing. He demonstrated two real life projects he has been working on and showed the challenges he ran into and the solutions he has developed.

Cliff Walters

I’ve done done some pretty mean surface models in my time but I always find it fascinating when watching a real surface professional -it is as much as an art form as it is engineering! Industrial designers are an unique breed.

After Cliff’s presentation, we had the opportunity to tour their plant and saw their many prototyping techniques. The guys there were great hosts, everyone there seemed to have a good time.

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