Don't Mind the Noise

The CATI headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL is currently under construction.  Our commitment to our clients includes growing the CATI team to ensure the highest level of customer service.  To make room for new team members, we needed to expand our office space. Luckily, there was an available section of the building adjacent to our current office.  The construction crew began working last week, knocking down walls and hanging drywall.  During construction CATI offices remain open and no interruptions in service will be seen. We promise to keep the drilling, hammering, and sawing to a minimum.



Common area.




Another shot of the common area.


The largest closet ever.


A member of the construction crew hard at work in the background.



A new office.


The future entryway that will join the current office space with the expansion.

I will be posting updates as the construction continues.

Jim TeDesco
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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