DriveWorks Solo, First Thoughts

I just went through the DriveWorks Solo Training and I'm very impressed!!!  It took me a little under 2 hours to go through the training provided by DriveWorks.  The material is very polished and even has tips explaining why things are happening,  not just instructions to click here and type this. 

The amount of included functionality is perfect for this,  but experienced DriveWorks users will quickly find out what's missing. The search function makes it much faster to filter the rule types even with the limited number of models and rules in the training files.  The form navigation is redesigned making it easier to connect your forms and it makes adding decisions much more intuitive. 

My personal favorite is how driven alternatives is now handled.  That was always a little confusing but Solo makes it much, much, much easier to get the results you are looking.

I'm very pleased with what I've seen with Solo and I'm sure anyone else who gives it a try will be too…if you want to learn more about DriveWorks Solo, click here.

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