Edit the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Component to Show a Vendor’s Item Number in the BOM

edit the SOLIDWORKS ToolboxLet’s set the scene. The SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard features have defined your holes and you use Smart Fasteners to quickly assemble the corresponding Toolbox Component into your Hole Wizard features in the assembly. You’ve sourced the appropriate fastener in an online catalog for the purchasing department and even wrote a post-it note to remember to add the vendor and item number to the BOM. 

Wouldn’t it be great to add the vendor information and item number to the toolbox component so that it will show in the BOM? That would ensure the purchasing department orders the correct items. There is a way to add any type of information, not just vendor and item number, as the Description and Comment to Toolbox Components. In this blog, I’ll use vendor information and item number as an example.

How do I edit a Toolbox Component in SOLIDWORKS?

This methodology describes a manual method for individual components.

edit SOLIDWORKS toolbox component

  1. In your assembly, right-click on the Toolbox Component and select Edit Toolbox Component. This opens the Configure Component Property Manager.
  2. At the top of the Property Manager, the message Part Number Unassigned indicates you can save a part number and description to the selected toolbox component for future reference. 
  3. Highlight “Part Number Unassigned” in the Part Number box and press the Add button.
  4. In the Part Number pop-up dialog box, type in the same vendor information and item number in the Description field. The description is appended to the part number in the Part Numbers list in the Property Manager. 
  5. Press OK to exit out of the Part number dialog box.
    edit solidworks toolbox description
  6. At the bottom of the Property Manager in the Comment field, type the Vendor information and Item number. This specifies a comment property in the inserted toolbox component.
  7. Press the green check to exit out of the Configure Component Property Manager and accept the changes. The changes you make in the Property Manager are reflected in the graphics area for all selected configurations for the component.
    edit SOLIDWORKS Toolbox comment
  8. In the Drawing, add your Bill of Material. The Description column will show the vendor information and item number as you typed it in the Description field.

edit SOLIDWORKS Toolbox tutorial

That’s it! The vendor and item number information are stored with the toolbox component. Now whenever you assemble this toolbox component into your assemblies, the Bill of Materials will show this same vendor information and part number.

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