Enterprise Gets Flexible Notification!

PDMWorks Enterprise will allow you to notify participants of a WorkFlow during changes in a process. However, the users that are notified are static and set up during the creation of the process.

Inflow has addressed a need and has provided a solution to our customers that allow them to selectively choose users during a change in the process at runtime.

The customer merely sets up what WorkFlow “Transitions” require runtime notification. As the process traverses each state in the WorkFlow, the user will be prompted for whom should be notified.  The notifications are carried out using PDMWorks Enterprise’s notification subsystem. Therefore, depending on how you have the system setup, the notifications could be via email or the Enterprise Inbox.

As an added bonus to the above solution, we have also added the ability to notify any user in Enterprise about any file. For instance, lets say I just added a document to the system, and I want to tell my fellow associates that it is there for them to view, I would just right click on the file and select “Email a Link to this document…”. The user is prompted for who to notify and allows for a small comment.

Please contact the Inflow Technology sales department if you are interested in getting this flexible notification solution working on your PDMWorks Enterprise system!

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