Gear Creation Using the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

Hi Everyone!

I recently had someone ask me how to use the gears that are supplied in the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox. This is a great question because gears have a lot of different parameters that are required to be created. The SOLIDWORKS Toolbox has these parameters already set up and just requires you to choose the input values for those parameters to create the gear that you need. These gears function similarly to the other Toolbox hardware and are in fact configurations that you choose for your assembly. Now before I jump into the workflow, I do want to make sure that you are aware of some details about the gears in the Toolbox. These Toolbox gears are meant to be used for part representation in assemblies and not to be used for manufacturing purposes. You can read more details about the Toolbox in this link. I have also included a screenshot from the SOLIDWORKS Web Help with this information.

If you need true involute gears for manufacturing, then you will be interested in our partner product “Geartrax”. This is an add-in product for purchase that greatly simplifies the process of creating gears inside of SOLIDWORKS. Contact us at Computer Aided Technology for more information about Geartrax or reach out to your CATI Account Manager. Click this link to review the GearTrax Data Sheet.

Now let’s get back to the task at hand and show you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox gears.

Start by opening an assembly file (this example is a fresh assembly file). You can see that my Toolbox add-in has been activated.

Next, navigate to the proper location in the Toolbox using the Task Pane. I am selecting ANSI Inch.

From the ANSI Inch folder, we then select the Power Transmission folder.

Next, we select the Gears folder.

We now hover over the gear type that we want, and then right mouse button click on the gear and choose the option for “Insert Into Assembly” from the pop-up menu or just select and hold down the left-mouse button and drag it into the assembly file.

This will insert a part into the assembly and the Property Manager on the left-hand side of the screen will prompt you to configure the gear. You will now make selections for the gear such as Diametral Pitch, Number of Teeth, Pressure Angle, Nominal Shaft Diameter, etc.

Once all selections have been made, you will click the green check mark at the top of the Property Manager and your gear will be inserted into the assembly.

Repeat the same process to insert more gears into your assembly.

I hope you all find this helpful! Till next time!

James Reeher
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology

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