How to insert a .jpg as a SOLIDWORKS decal

To insert a jpeg file as a SolidWorks decal, the jpeg file must be saved as a p2d file. Here are the steps to achieve this.

1. Pull down the PhotoView 360 menu.

2. Pick Edit Decal.

3. In the Decals Property Manager, click the Browse button under Image file path.

4. Browse to and select the jpeg image file and click Open.

5. Click Save Decal. This will save the image file as the decal p2d file extension. If the folder you save it is not the default location, you should be prompted to add this folder location so that it is visible in the Design Library.

6. The image now is a decal and only appears one on the face instead of a texture where it appears numerous times.

Hope this helps you create a SOLIDWORKS decal.

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