InFlow introduces EPDM Virtual Training classes

InFlow (with our parent company CATI) has begun to offer Enterprise PDM classes over the web.  The classes are held using a virtual training lab.  Using the virtual training lab, attendees will have their own machine, just as if they are sitting in our training room.  They log into the machine and can view the instructor presentations and participate in exercises.  The instructor can even toggle to attendee workstations to watch and advise during the exercises.  The technology is really nice and we have received very good feedback regarding performance and ease of use.

There are two training classes that we offer:

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Admin – Four (4) 1/2-day sessions

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API – Four (4) 1/2-day sessions

To sign up for either of the classes or just to get information, click on the links above.  There are classes coming up with open slots, so take a look if you are interested.  In fact, there is an administration class running next week with open slots, so send me a comment if you want to sign up.

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