Inserting Blocks in DraftSight is SO Easy. Read on to Learn How!

Blocks are a part of life when using DraftSight. Blocks are used to reuse geometry. This process is simple. Let’s check it out….

To Insert Blocks:

  1. Click Insert > Insert Block (or type InsertBlock).

  1. In the dialog box, in Name, select a Block. Click Browse to locate an external block drawing.

  1. Under Position, for X, Y, and Z, specify coordinate values, or select Specify later to specify the insertion point on screen after the dialog box closes.
  2. Under Scale:
    • For X, Y, and Z, specify the scale factor for each axis.

– or –

    • Click Specify later to define the Block size during insertion. Specify the Corner option, then define the opposite point of the rectangle where the Block is to fit.

– or –

    • Click Apply uniform scale, and for X, specify a scale factor. A scale factor of:
      • 1: Inserts the Block at its original size.
      • Less than 1: Reduces the size to the percentage of the original size specified by the factor.
      • Greater than 1: Increases the size.
  1. Under Rotate, for Angle, specify a value or select Specify later to set the rotation angle in the graphics area during insertion. For counterclockwise rotation specify a positive value, for clockwise rotation specify a negative value.
  2. Under Block UnitSystem:
    • Units or Scale cannot be edited. If Scale is unequal to 1.0, then the drawing units differ from the Block units.
    • Select Explode Block to explode the Block into its component entities. A Block loses its characteristics when exploded. Only uniform scaled Blocks can be exploded.
  3. Click OK

(For this example, the electrical symbol block was placed at 0,0 since the “Specify later” was unchecked under Position in the Insert Block Window.)

Simple, easy with just a few clicks.

I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading.

Judy Marlo, CSWE, CSPP
Application Engineer Manager
Computer Aided Technology

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