Installing a new font to be used in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS comes with numerous font types that you can use but there are times when you want and need to use other fonts.

SOLIDWORKS supports Only True Type font. OpenType fonts resemble TrueType fonts but they can contain either TrueType or PostScript Type 1 font data. OpenType fonts containing TrueType outlines use the same .TTF filename extension as TrueType fonts, these fonts will work in SOLIDWORKS where as PostScript OpenType file names use .OTF as extension that will not work in SolidWorks.

There are many reasons why you may want to use a new font so let's take a look at the procedure to add a font to SOLIDWORKS.

-In Windows, go to Start > Control Panel and select the Fonts folder.



-Go to the File menu in the Fonts folder and select the option to "Install New Font." Browse to the True Type Font's (TTF) location, make sure that it is decompressed (unzipped) before you try to select it.

-Highlight the font and click on OK. This will install the font

-In SOLIDWORKS, in the Document Properties, select the newly installed Font. The newly installed font is now ready to use.




Phil Whitaker

Field Technical Services Manager

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