Missing 3DVision On-The-Go?

Google Currents is a free publication application that allows you to deliver magazine-like editions to your phone or tablet. It’s extremely fast and available anywhere with offline reading. Your favorite blogs and feeds are instantly uploaded onto Google Currents providing a reading experience unlike any other. 3DVision has utilized this application to display our website on the go. As a subscriber to 3DVision’s Google Currents page you can access our information anywhere.

In the image below you can see that you’re able to access everything from Contact information in the About Us section, to a list of our Course Descriptions in the Training section, to even our YouTube and Blog channels that our constantly updated with the live feed feature from Google Currents.


The Google Currents application is a great way to stay connected to 3DVision everywhere you go with our information at the palm of your hand. Our entire website has been uploaded onto the Google Currents application and gives our subscribers the ability to navigate through our website with either their phone or tablet.

In the picture below you can see three pages describing Simulation Services. All three images are clickable and describe Simulation Services exactly as that our actual website does.


If you’re the tech guru that must have every application then Google Currents is a must have application for you. All of your favorite magazines and websites are already on Google Currents and don’t forget to subscribe to 3DVision!

Directions to subscribe:

1. To subscribe to 3DVision’s Google Currents application download the Google Currents application on your cell-phone or tablet.

2. After downloading the application head over to: http://bit.ly/LYPh39 on your computer.

3. If you don’t already have a Google account, head over to: www.google.com on your computer and set up one.

4. After your account is set up sign in to Google in the upper right hand corner.


5. Click Subscribe to this edition.


6. On your phone or tablet open the Google Currents application.

7. Your phone/tablet should have automatically synced 3DVision’s Currents and if you swipe left it should be stored in your library.

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