New SOLIDWORKS 2019 Defeature Tools

SOLIDWORKS 2019 DefeatureIn SOLIDWORKS 2019 the defeature tool has been enhanced enabling users to massively defeature assemblies to remove unnecessary detail or to protect intellectual property. The new silhouette option is now available to help simplify an assembly based on the outlines of components and bodies. Keep reading to learn about all the new defeature tools in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

To start we will select several components that we would like to retain their original geometry – in other words, no simplification. A variety of simplification methods are available. For this selection, we will choose no simplification to copy the geometry. As we add this group, SOLIDWORKS splits the window and presents a preview of the simplification.

solidworks 2019 defeature split view

The view orientation of the windows stays in sync to help visualize the progress. Next, we can use the new option to select identical components to grab all of the rail wheels and all of the studs. The cable and motor end plate is selected as well as the motor which is a body.

solidworks 2019 defeature view orientation

For this selection, we will choose the cylinder method of simplification to really strip off all of the detail. Next, we’ll grab all of the hex nuts in one go as well as the bodies of the pivot hanger on the electrical control box. For these, the polygon outline method is used which creates an extruded polygon which fits around the outline of the selected components.

solidworks 2019 defeature

Finally, the drive motor will be simplified using the tight fit outline method. This will create an extruded body by using a tight outline of the selected components in multiple directions. Default planes or face can be selected to help define the orientation of the outline. Once satisfied with the simplification, the defeatured model can be saved to a new document with a link to the original.

Component suppliers can upload directly to 3D content central to be shared on the web with millions of designers and engineers. This defeatured model is much better suited for the top level assembly.

solidworks 2019 defeature

Simplifying complex assemblies has never been easier than with the enhanced defeature tools in SOLIDWORKS 2019. This tool will help users share their models and protect their intellectual property.

To see all of these features in action, watch the video below.
SOLIDWORKS 2019 defeature tools

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