PDMWorks Workgroup - Vault Cycle

It has been found that after long periods of uptime, the PDMWorks Server process can become less reliable and less responsive. Starting and Stopping the process, and allowing it to rebuild its internal tables has been shown to improve this situation. The following process will allow you to set this up on a recurring basis. The example below has been created on Windows XP, a similar procedure will also work for any host OS supported by PDMWorks.
The following procedure must be done by an IT administrator on the computer that is host to the PDMWorks Server process.

Step 1 – Create a command file
In the example the file is called Cycle_pdmwvault.cmd and is saved to the c:bin directory. This command file is created in notepad and contains:
    net stop “pdmworks workgroup server”
net start “pdmworks workgroup server”

You should validate this command file by running it from the Windows command line. Be careful to test it at a time it will not interfere with any user logged into PDMWorks.

Step 2 – Set up a Windows Scheduled task to run this command file
Use the Scheduled tasks tool to create a new scheduled task. It is
found in Windows XP under Start/All Programs/Accessories/System
Tools/Scheduled Tasks

  1. Double click on the “Add Scheduled Task” entry.
  2. Hit Next
  3. Select Browse
  4. Select the Cycle_pdmwvault.cmd file created in the previous step and hit Open
  5. Select Daily and hit Next
  6. Set the time for the process to run. This should be in a low activity
    time in the middle of the night. Be careful to assure the time does not
    conflict with scheduled backup times.
  7. Enter the administrator login and password under which this process will run.
  8. Select next and the process should be complete.

Be sure to check in the event viewer the next day to make sure the process ran correctly.

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