Safe Modes and SOLIDWORKS Rx

Many of us have gone through instances where SOLIDWORKS crashes, lags, or becomes unstable during certain operations.

Thankfully, there is always a reason for the issue. To solve it quickly, technical support will need to be pointed in the right direction for troubleshooting.

As the user, there is a very helpful and essential tool for this purpose. That tool is SOLIDWORKS Rx. It can be launched by clicking Start Menu > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS 20xx > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS Rx.

, Safe Modes and SOLIDWORKS Rx

When a crash or application hang occurs, it’s important for the user to create a SOLIDWORKS Rx file right away for technical support to review. This way that last event is sorted at the top of the event logs, making it easier for us to progress towards a solution.

All logs recorded will give technical support (either here at CATI or at SOLIDWORKS) direction as to where the application had trouble. It can be PC hardware, operating system, graphics drivers, registry settings, etc. There will also be logged information as to which files were accessed, where they reside, and what errors the application encountered during this process.

Safe Modes

At the bottom of the Rx Home tab, you will notice two hyperlinks for the available Safe Modes. The first launches SOLIDWORKS bypassing the graphics card in your machine. At that point, you can perform your workflow (or steps taken) to cause the crash. If it still crashes, it is highly likely that the issue is NOT graphics related. The same would apply to the second hyperlink. This one launches a session bypassing the settings in your system options. I would try this if the first one resulted in a crash.


Problem Capture

If neither Safe mode made a difference, then the Problem Capture tab is where you would go next. The first thing it asks for is to reproduce the crash while a video is being captured. This would go a long way in revealing the workflow causing the application to crash or hang. In some cases, we can skip recording the video and move on to Step 2 in the Rx tool to continue the capture. However, we can continue with the video capture until it crashes as the video saved will always be the last 5 mins of action.


The check box for “Record Extended Logging Data” is useful when the application freezes or hangs and becomes unresponsive. In this case, it is not considered a crash and there are signs of this within the logs when technical support reviews the contents of the Rx.


The button for “Add More Files to ZIP” is important when you have a specific file set that is causing the crash. You would click on this button to include that set with the ZIP package. The button for “Package Files Now” is what compiles everything into the ZIP envelope for you to save to your local drive.

, Safe Modes and SOLIDWORKS Rx

When the package is complete the file is displayed in the dialog box and at that point you can proceed to Step 3 in the Rx tool. The final dialog box is where you manually enter all of the information it asks for.

, Safe Modes and SOLIDWORKS Rx

Within this dialog, it’s important that you specify to SOLIDWORKS how to produce the problem. That requires a click by click description of which features, right-clicks, etc. This can reduce your wait time for a resolution which is always welcomed by our customers!

George Brañes
Support Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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