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3DEXPERIENCE has two ways to load existing SOLIDWORKS data into a cloud tenant. Both methods move only the latest version of files. This means that if you add files to your cloud tenant, they will be set as the systems’ initial revision value. Each method has their pros and cons, but these options are:

There are some similarities between the tools in what they do and how they do it. However, in this post, we’re concentrating on the Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Bulk load tool. Be sure to check out Rob’s post earlier this week on the CATI blog about EDAT FTK!

Bulk Load to 3DEXPERIENCE – High-Level Overview

The Bulk load tool solution is the out-of-the-box application to load your existing data to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Because of this, it’s not only easy to find, but SOLIDWORKS has made it easy to use. There are a couple primary functions of the bulk load tool:

  1. You load your existing CAD Data from a single computer folder source.
  2. Go back and review the folder contents for errors and copy to your Work Folder prior to loading to the cloud.

Bulk Load Process

We can break down The Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Bulk Load process into three phases.

      1. Stage Data
        • Resolve any duplicate file names prior to staging the data.
          • Duplicate file names can stop the load process.
        • For best results separate the data to load by file type.
          • Parts, then Assemblies and finally Drawings.
        • Break down the loads to manageable chunks
      2.  Importer
        • Client machine that has SOLIDWORKS Connector installed and connected to 3DEXPERIENCE tenant bulk loads the content thru the Save to 3DEXPERIENCE user interface.
        • The bulk load to 3DEXPERIENCE has an intuitive, easy to use interface, making it easy for you to quickly add your files to the Platform.
      1. Review
        • Review the display window and saved logs for files that did not load.
        • Re-run the contents that failed. If the files do not load you will have to run them manually.
        • Verify you’ve successfully loaded all contents from your original dataset to the Platform.
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